Empowering e-government today Adobe solutions connect documents, people, and processes, enabling government agencies to increase constituent satisfaction while decreasing costs. Leveraging the best of today’s technology standards, the Adobe® Intelligent Document Platform lets you extend your legacy and core business systems
to easily and more securely interact with citizens, businesses, employees, and other agencies. Adobe solutions offer proven e-government success.
Around the globe, government organizations face similar process challenges: the need to capture accurate data from potentially millions of people every day; streamlining workflows that involve
people within and outside the agency; more effective and secure collaboration across agencies; and more efficient delivery of information to constituents. Adobe helps governments address these challenges
with proven solutions for intelligent forms processing and management, flexible collaboration, and dynamic document generation.
Helping people work together more productively and effectively
Government processes are driven by documents and forms, from citizen communications to requests for services and business compliance.
But automating these processes presents enormous challenges, including the ability to move information securely across network boundaries, to integrate with enterprise applications and legacy systems,
and to provide access to people with disabilities. The Adobe Intelligent Document Platform enables agencies to automate and streamline processes that involve both people and core enterprise applications exchanging and interacting with Intelligent Documents.Based on standard PDF and XML technologies, Intelligent Documents combine the familiarity, security, and visual fidelity of PDF with the business logic and
data exchange capabilities of XML. The platform also leverages universal clients— Adobe Reader® and Web browsers—to act as the
interface between people and Intelligent Documents. Because agencies must communicate with a very broad group of constituents, universal clients are critical to extending government processes with
no additional cost burden to users. Document services are the underlying sets of technologies that enable the creation of Intelligent
Documents and the integration of enterprise application data within them. Adobe Document Services include document generation, collaboration,
process management, and document control and security, and are designed to integrate with component-based enterprise architectures
that can be deployed across an organization. With the Adobe Intelligent Document Platform, agencies can more efficiently and effectively:
• Design and deploy constituent forms
• Automate processes not managed by core applications
• Streamline document review and approval to improve operational efficiencies
• Generate customized documents to speed
constituent response