Government solutions

Government solutions

Simplify the business of government
Adobe solutions transform cumbersome paperwork into simple and familiar online services across a diverse range of critical government processes. The Adobe® Intelligent Document Platform lets you extend your legacy and core business systems to easily and more securely interact with citizens, businesses, employees, and other government agencies.

By integrating XML with PDF, the standard document format that has been adopted by governments around the world, the Adobe Intelligent Document Platform helps agencies:

Provide easy, efficient online services for constituents
Build streamlined, effective operations that improve response time and reduce costs
Facilitate interoperability and collaboration among agencies
Protect the privacy and authenticity of communications
Read more about Adobe’s commitment to industry standards, which help establish a common information sharing infrastructure for the secure and reliable distribution and exchange of electronic documents.

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Adobe and IBM solutions for e-government transformation
Transforming government to be more responsive to citizens
Adobe and IBM solutions offer Intelligent Documents — and the processes to manage them — that are dynamic, responsive, and flexible, and help government provide its citizens with better access to services, higher quality information, and better overall service.

With Adobe and IBM intelligent form solutions, government agencies and departments can transform traditional paper-based workflows into automated digital processes without changing the way they work today. The joint solution consists of the following:

Adobe® Form Server for IBM® uses Intelligent Documents to encapsulate business-critical data in PDF and XML, making it easy and convenient to fill out forms online or offline.
Adobe LiveCycle™ Designer software lets you quickly create and maintain form templates and define a form’s business logic.
Adobe LiveCycle Reader® Extensions software gives organizations the power to activate previously hidden functionality within free, ubiquitous Adobe Reader software.
Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server software manages the use of and access to electronic documents.
IBM WebSphere Portal Server provides a single point of personalized integration of people, business processes, and information — anywhere, anytime, from virtually any device.
IBM DB2 Content Manager drives operations and processes and uses efficient electronic forms to make data available to applications.
IBM DB2 Records Manager archives PDF forms with security restrictions that enable government agencies and departments to comply with mandates.
Adobe offers an Adobe government pack for human and social services, which consists of Adobe Form Server for IBM and eight predesigned human and social services form templates for state and local government agencies and departments.

Benefits to government agencies
Improved constituent self-service: Forms are simple to design and deploy, so government organizations can quickly and cost-effectively deploy them online in response to constituent demands or legislative mandates.
Improved internal efficiencies: As forms are filled out or scanned, the data is captured in the XML and automatically transferred to core systems without the need for rekeying.
Enhanced regulatory compliance: Forms are linked to workflows, so organizations can automatically route forms and documents to the necessary people via e-mail for approval as mandated by regulations.
Enhanced document privacy and security: With digital signatures, agencies can offer forms to be filled in offline and still maintain the security, authenticity, and integrity of transactions. By restricting access to information using PDF access controls, agencies can provide information privacy and increased security.