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Add even more capability to your Adobe® Acrobat® software with some extraordinary plug-ins available from third-party developers.

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Available from third-party developers
If you are looking for the PageVault security handler, please visit Authentica’s web site and download the PageRecall plug-in.
PageRecall (formerly called PageVault) lets you keep control of your valuable intellectual property after it’s delivered across the Web. Transform a document into a protected Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file with just a few keystrokes. PageRecall is ideal for protecting all types of confidential documents including: subscription-based content, merger and acquisition details, prototype design specifications, and legal documents.
MailRecall lets you retain complete control of e-mail messages — even recall them after you hit the Send button. Encrypt your e-mail messages and attachments with explicit restrictions on how recipients can use the information, and track message activity.

NetRecall lets you leverage the Web to safely share sensitive or confidential Web pages with partners, employees, and clients. You can make selective Web content available to authorized users and retain the usage rights over the information, even after it has been downloaded. You decide whether content can be viewed, copied, printed, or forwarded. You can even recall Web pages and effectively delete all copies, wherever they reside.

Communication Intelligence Corporation (CIC)
Sign-it 3.0
CIC’s Sign-it 3.0 represents the next generation of biometric authentication solutions. This technology ensures virtually tamper-proof security for electronically signing and securely transferring documents. Biometric signature verification provides added security to prevent forgery, and the user enrollment of signatures for verification as well as “stamps” is accomplished in a controlled environment to ensure the authenticity of your signature.
Cyber-SIGN Inc.
Cyber-SIGN for Acrobat
Cyber-SIGN for Acrobat works with any Adobe PDF document. Once created, the user simply clicks the CyberSIGN icon and is prompted to sign the document. The signature becomes part of the document. For predefined forms, the signature location can be fixed; alternatively, users can select where they wish to sign the document. In workflow, multiple signatures may be added as required, and document changes are tracked, just as is often done on paper. In the event that a document is altered, a detail event log is maintained detailing change authorizations, signatory, date/time stamp, reason for change, etc.
Capture and Authenticate for Acrobat
Capture and Authenticate for Acrobat enable users to compare the changed document against the original to review changes made, by whom, for what reason, and the location of the signer when made.

Capture for Acrobat
Capture for Acrobat allows a handwritten signature to be included on any PDF file, utilizing the signature handling and management features that are built into Acrobat.

Authenticate for Acrobat
Authenticate for Acrobat utilizes these same features, additionally utilizing the biometric data in the dynamics of the signature to verify/authenticate the identity of the signer. The dynamic signature verification software examines changes in speed, style, pressure and timing that are unique to an individual. Fraud is essentially impossible – we never sign exactly the same way twice, and an identical copy of a signature is rejected as being false.

Cult3D viewer for Adobe Acrobat
Cycore’s Cult3D is the leading technology for high-quality, interactive 3D visualization on the Web, allowing Web site visitors to fully understand, and interact with, products online and offline. The polygon reduction and image compression technologies in the Cult3D exporters/designer make for very small file sizes. Therefore, the objects can be viewed and interacted with over low-bandwith connections, and the hardware requirements for the clients are minimal. The Cult3D viewer for Adobe Acrobat is available for download, free of charge, from: With the Cult3D viewer for Adobe Acrobat installed, Cult3D objects can be placed in PDF documents, giving life to product sheets, manuals, customer service documents, etc. The viewer can zoom, rotate, and move the object as well as listen to voice messages or music, open compartments and enjoy any other interactivity that has been implemented in the object. Instructions on Cult3D publishing for Adobe Acrobat is available from
D Soft
D2S Product Family
The D2S Product family consists of several members. Using the D2S Acrobat Plug-in you can choose the Digital Signature tool from the Acrobat toolbar to apply your X509 key based signature to any PDF file. Acrobat’s Document Compare function allows you to open two or more PDF files in tiled windows for side-by-side on-screen comparisons of different versions of the PDF document. The stand-alone application D2S Sign&Validate provides a drag and drop interface as well as desktop integration. D2S Sign&Validate JAVA can also be used as Applet within the Browser. The software provides the possibility to verify Certificate Revocation List. Both applications are very user friendly and support the Acrobat Digital Signatures framework. The D2S Server Sign SDK is a development library, which can easily be integrated into several server environments. D2S Server Sign is intended for digitally signing multiple PDF files in batch mode.

DocuRights from Aries Systems Corporation provides copyright and copy protection for PDF files distributed across the Internet or through other electronic media such as email and CD-ROM. Publishers of PDF content can use DocuRights to control access to PDF files, regardless of their physical location. At the same time, readers obtain all the benefits traditionally associated with document access such as “fair-use” rights.
Electronics for Imaging
Your PDF documents are designed to go anywhere with you. PrintMe is the new way to print them from any mobile device, including laptops, PDAs, two-way pagers, and Internet-enabled cell phones, to any printer on the PrintMe network or any fax machine worldwide. No cables or complex setup. No more hand carrying or shipping huge amounts of paper when traveling. Simply print when you get there — your updated forecasts, changed travel itineraries, and more. PrintMe is fast, easy, and secure — giving mobile professionals the freedom to print, everywhere they go.
Entrust, Inc.
Entrust Security plug-in for Acrobat
The free Entrust® Security plug-in for Acrobat (PPKEF) provides users with digital signature and secure document generation capabilities in AdobeAcrobat 4.0 and later. With this plug-in, users of Entrust Entelligence™ Desktop Manager can digitally sign PDF files using the standard digital signature capabilities that were introduced with Acrobat 4.0. You can also create private documents using recipient lists for targeted, secure document distribution.
Entrust Authority
The Entrust Authority™ product portfolio, the backbone of Entrust’s enhanced Internet security offerings, has captured the largest market share – over 38% – in the public-key infrastructure (PKI) market space. It is an enabler of identification, entitlements, verification, and privacy by providing security management to applications in a consistent, transparent, and automated way. This product portfolio is built on the foundation of Entrust Authority Security Manager and includes several optional components that can help organizations meet unique security requirements and automate all security-related processes.

Entrust Entelligence
Entrust Entelligence provides an integrated solution to secure internal applications by leveraging enhanced Internet security capabilities to allow critical enterprise processes to be moved to the Internet. It delivers a single security layer that can encompass an enterprise’s entire set of enhanced security needs, including identification, privacy, verification, and security management.

Entrust Entelligence Desktop Manager
Provides the ability to easily add and manage security applied to enterprise desktop applications. Seamlessly integrated with the desktop environment to make security easier for users, it transparently and automatically manages digital IDs (certificates), encryption, digital signatures, and other security issues on behalf of users. This intelligent software knows how and when to communicate with Entrust Authority to provide many important enhanced security features, including creation and management of the Entrust digital ID, Entrust Single Sign-on, centralized Entrust options and a security extension to Microsoft Windows Explorer.

FileOpen Systems
FileOpen Publisher
FileOpen Systems’ products enable the secure distribution of PDF files through copy protection and access controls such as printing restrictions and document expiration. FileOpen Publisher is the complete desktop solution for creating secure PDF publications to distribute on the Web or CD-ROM. For commercial publishers and corporate entities.
FileOpen WebPublisher
FileOpen WebPublisher is Web server software that will turn your Web site into a 24/7 PDF encryption and distribution engine. Ideal for e-commerce of valuable documents as well as customized distribution of sensitive documents within a corporation. For those who want to take their PDF publishing into high gear.

Welcome! You’ve arrived here because Adobe Acrobat needs to update the docBox plug-in (docbox.api). The docBox plug-in provides access to PDF documents protected with a Digital Rights Management (DRM) system from InterTrust Technologies. DRM allows publishers and corporations to securely distribute valuable content in electronic form. By updating to the latest docBox plug-in you will be able to use protected PDF files. This free update does not alter the operation of Acrobat other than to allow you to use protected files. Please click above to proceed to the download information page.

Kontiki software modernizes existing networks with the highest level of security and automated delivery of enterprise video and documents. The Kontiki Delivery Management System enables enterprises to publish, secure, and deliver video and documents to improve the effectiveness of training, marketing and sales communications to employees, partners, and customers. With the Kontiki Document Control Plug-in for Acrobat, users can view protected Acrobat PDF files that have been secured using the Kontiki Delivery Management System. Kontiki’s PDF secure document control capabilities enable enterprises to easily control the use, printing, copying, and distribution of PDF documents.
The Kontiki Delivery Management System offers enterprises:

Easy to use, web-based applications for publishing, securing, and organizing digital media and documents
Secure delivery and control of digital media and documents
High performance, reliable file delivery over existing enterprise networks
Results measurement
For more information about Kontiki or to download the Kontiki Delivery Manager, please visit To download the Kontiki Document Control Plug-in for Acrobat please visit

Lexign’s Assured Office
Lexign’s Assured Office software extends the usability of Adobe Acrobat by providing increased content security features like authentication and non-repudiation to Adobe PDF files. Using Public Key Infrastructure technology, Lexign Assured Office integrates seamlessly with Adobe Acrobat and provides digital signature capabilities from within PDF files. It allows both signing and verification of PDF files from within Adobe Acrobat and verification of PDF files in Acrobat Reader®. It also allows for insertion of a signature bitmap within the signature block as well as within the signed file. Lexign Assured Office is fully integrated with all the PKI vendors, enabling users to sign with any PKI based certificate, as well as validate other signers’ certificates through the usage of any of the following validation mechanisms: CRL, OCSP, LDAP, CAM. Lexign Assured Office is PKI independent, and is available for Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Entrust.
To digitally sign using Lexign Assured Office within Acrobat 5.0, users need to click on the signature icon already present in the Acrobat toolbar, set Lexign as the default signing tool, and highlight the area of the document/form to place the signature. Once this is completed, Lexign’s user interface guides the user through the signing process in an easy-to-navigate wizard format.

ApproveIt is award-winning electronic signature software that enables organizations to securely capture multiple, legally binding signatures in electronic documents and Web forms without additional hardware, software, or programming. ApproveIt duplicates real-world approval processes using advanced management and automation features to provide multi-stage, multi-signature approvals of complex documents and sectional forms. Out-of-the-box features include support for Adobe Acrobat and digital certificates.
Valyd, Inc.
eSign for Acrobat
Valyd’s range of authentication and security solutions enable you to harness the full potential of Adobe’s digital signature framework. The eSign for Adobe Acrobat plug-in allows you to sign and securely transmit PDF documents using a choice of signing methods including digital signature and electronic handwritten signature. Multiple authentication mechanisms such as strong password, signature, fingerprint biometrics and others are supported. In addition, document contents are protected from unauthorized alteration or tampering.
VeriSign, Inc.
VeriSign Document Signer
The VeriSign Document Signer Plug-in 1.1 enables you to digitally sign Acrobat PDF documents using a VeriSign Digital ID. A digital signature is to an electronic document what a handwritten signature is to a paper document. The digital signature is an unforgeable piece of data that asserts that the named person wrote, or otherwise agreed to, the document to which the signature is attached.